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Smart Retail. Zero Hardware.

Transform your store into a smart store with a simple monthly subscription.

How it works

Learn how simple it is to become a smart store, with technology that will bring your physical locations into the era of e-commerce.

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Sign up for a free demo where we'll learn how to best bring value to your store. We'll go through some questions like the size of your store and the average foot traffic per month, and we'll personalize a quote just for you.

  • Custom Quotes
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  • Free 30-Day Trial

Set up your store

Once you sign up, you'll get access to your smart dashboard where you can upload your product catalog and easily integrate with your favorite inventory management software.


Empower your Shoppers

Integrate our API with your own mobile app, or enable shoppers to use Space's mobile app to shop inside your store. Our consumer app enables instant product recommendations, discounts, and even cashier-less checkout.

  • Product recommendations
  • Personalized discounts
  • Cashier-less checkouts

Access powerful analytics

Understand which store sections your customers are spending the most time in, which brands they're picking up the most, the items your shoppers are taking to the fitting room, their in-store behavior, and so much more.

All the features you'll need

Our mission is to provide you with the right tools to grow your business, whether you're a small local shop, or a large retailer.
Analytics and Reports

Access detailed reports about consumer behavior inside your store, and analytics that will help you optimize your product display and much more.

Personalized Discounts

General store discounts are a thing of the past. With Spaces, you can target your shoppers based on their preferences, and offer them instant and relevant discounts.

Interactive Products

Shoppers interact with your products, but it's difficult to quantify these interactions inside a store. With Spaces, shoppers can scan any item, and instantly receive more information about it, like if their size is available.

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